Luxury Real Estate & Development

Beautiful pristine nature and ideal location for your new investment

100% client focus

By implementing a highly personalized approach, we advise our Clients in every step of their journey and assure that our Clients are spared of any concerns. With our services we try to stay ahead of the usual, assuring that everything goes as smooth as possible. We aim to fulfill the highest expectations and more, always with passion and dedication in everything we do.

Exceptional & Prestigious

Our Portfolio of properties, development projects and investment opportunities is carefully selected to offer the best opportunities to our Clients.

The exceptional properties are located in prestigious locations, responding to the demands of our Clientele.

The development projects and investment opportunities are carefully analyzed in terms of feasibility, return and more criteria before adding them to our portfolio.

The highest level of service during the acquisition process, above and beyond

We value the relationship with our Clientele far above financial transactions.

To ensure that we abide by all legal, our international teams of lawyers, in Croatia, Switzerland and abroad, are in charge of supporting our activities.

Pelagius is constantly in contact with a network of the most qualified experienced professionals in related industries, always ready for collaboration.

The purchase of a property from Pelagius is much more than a simple legal agreement. It entails a careful examination of your portfolio, including your needs and preferences, as well as our determination to provide you with the best options possible. We do not only sell properties, we sell experiences.

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